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  • Rating os: 4.5
  • Rating num: 2288
  • Author: Fayju
  • Author url:
  • Size: 6 GB available space
  • Requirements: Windows 8+, 10.8
  • Release date: Nov 20, 2014

Amazing Frog? is a colorful mayhem that offers you a mix of action-adventure, parkour, and simulator genres. It is more than a crazy frog that is living in the open-world without decent physics, it is a crazy game that you will immediately fall in love with. The game is not new. It was released back in 2014 and since then continues to raise its own army of the fans on Steam. The game was developed by Fayju and is still in early access. The open-world is constantly receiving updates.

Isn’t Amazing Frog? Truly Beautiful?

Actually, it is. You may not appreciate these ragdoll movements or bulging eyes from the very beginning. No, it definitely takes some time to love the frog and its friends, other frogs. But look how creative this frog can be, how hard it has to try to walk with the bonkers physics. Yep, the scenery around can be less primitive. But on the other hand, it attracts your attention, it makes you laugh, and you may be thankful instead that these vivid colors do not cause epilepsy.

The open-world is still growing. You may travel across it. And we also suggest you check adorable outfits for your frog. Make it fancy!

What Is Going On There?

Good question! It is doubtful that anyone knows the answer. Perhaps you will be the one who figures out everything. All we can say, this is a hell of a journey! You start your crazy-hilarious quest from the UK’s small town called Swindon. There is a multiplayer mode, so you can actually begin this game with a group of your friends. There is an option that allows you to split a screen with them. You can either stick with them or play against them.

Start with exploring the map. This is an open-world, so you can travel wherever you want. Go to the Ocean and take a ride on the helicopter to see the beauty of the place from above. You can ride anything you see in the game, including a pig. You may even steal the school bus if you want. Who told you that your frog is a good one? You can arrange various mischiefs and even rob the bank with a huge arsenal of weapons and explosives. If you are in your fighting mood, go to the Fart Gym and blow your steam off.

If you think this game is light-hearted and simply fun, think twice. You will have to deal with various evil monsters like wild beasts or sharks. And try to avoid Sewers, and Zombie Frogs is not an urban legend that you’ve heard in the camp. Travel across the map, explore the territory and uncover all the mysteries of this place.

The Bottom Line

Amazing Frog? was probably created for all players that are tired from the seriousness of this world and games around them. This game offers you to be yourself, to explore new worlds and get crazy. The game is available in early access for Windows, Linux, and macOS. You can download it on Steam. Developers do not share the information about the dates of release.

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Lucas Thompson


  • Incredibly fun adventures;
  • Simple and easy to get gameplay;
  • Vivid graphics;
  • Openworld;
  • Multiplayer mode with the ability to share the screen.


  • The game is still in progress;
  • Your character’s life choices may be a little debatable.

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