15 Best Music Apps for iPhone/iPad in 2020

  • 14-01-2020 |
  • Anna Richardson
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If you like music and you have an iPhone or iPad, discovering new tunes is no longer a problem. While previously the owners of iOS devices faced difficulties with downloading favorite songs and listening to them, now, in 2020, enjoying chosen tracks on iOS devices has become a walk in the park.

The only problem is that the number of apps that promise to give you unforgettable music listening experience is quite high. The question is what app to choose. You may also question whether you can create a personalized list. Can you listen to your favorite artist offline? Can you shuffle your chosen tracks? Can you see the history of your searches? There’s quite a lot of things to consider before downloading a particular app. Here’s our list of best music apps for owners of iPhones and iPads in 2020.

#1. Spotify

Spotify app screenshot

Spotify is one of the world’s most popular music apps, so it would be fair to start our list with it. Even though it doesn’t provide a specific tool for discovering music like Soundhound or Shazam, it offers a smart search in its huge music library. Listening offline is available, but you’ll have to go premium to get this benefit, alongside with better sound quality.

It’s known that for a while, the app was available only to Premium users, but now you can enjoy music for free. Obviously, the free version is ad-supported, but the good thing is that the app can be accessed not only on your smartphone but on PC or laptop as well. You can adjust the level of streaming quality depending on your personal preferences, although, of course, Very High is accessible to Spotify Premium subscribers only.

#2. Pandora

Pandora app screenshot

Similarly to Spotify, Pandora has been on the scene for quite a while already. The library is huge, and the collection of podcasts is quite impressive. Even though the discovery of tracks is not the strongest point of the app, you can successfully use it to find the tracks that you like.

Pandora allows you to create personalized stations while browsing for recommended music. Listening add-free is a cool option, but you’ll have to pay for that. However, shelling out monthly payment will be worth it since you’ll get a chance to unlock such features as replays and unlimited skips. The quality of the audio will be much higher as well.

#3. Shazam

Shazam app screenshot

Undoubtedly, Shazam is one of the best apps for discovering music. You can easily name any song in a matter of seconds. Besides, you can also check out lyrics, watch videos, and create playlists. The app figures out what your interests are and offers you music that suits your tastes. You don’t need to search for the songs to listen to next because Shazam will offer you a selection of songs that you might want to enjoy.

It has an interesting feature, which allows you to see what top artists such as Ed Sheeran, Drake, or Justin Bieber are listening at the moment. Shazam allows you to connect to Apple Music and Spotify so that you can enjoy your favorite songs to the fullest. A cool thing is that you can discover music even when you’re not connected.

#4. YouTube Music

YouTube Music app screenshot

YouTube is one of the most viewed video platforms in the world, so it’s no wonder that millions of users visit the website to not only get information on various issues but to listen to music as well. Here comes YouTube Music, which, perhaps, might be the largest music library in the world.

The app may have strong competitors such as Spotify or Apple Music, but this streaming platform is unique in its features. You get access to many official audio files and videos, which you can find all in one place. The app offers you trending content and suggests songs according to your specific taste. You can use it for free, but if you choose to go for the Premium version, you’ll have a much brighter experience, since at least, you won’t be annoyed by ads.

#5. TuneIn

TuneIn app screenshot

TuneIn is one of the best apps for listening to music because it gives you access to more than 50,000 local and international radio stations. In addition to this, you can take advantage of and use the streaming service in order to listen to more than 100,000 international shows. A cool thing is that you can also catch up with breaking news and live sports.

The app consists of more than staggering 5.7 million podcasts, so wherever you are in the world, you will stay in the loop of the current news and trends of the modern world if you have TuneIn on your Apple device. The app is free, but if you want to take advantage of Pro version features, such as DVR-like recording capabilities, you might need to pay for the premium access. 

#6. iHeartRadio

iHeartRadio app screenshot

iHeartRadio is a free streaming audio service, which allows you to listen to more than 1,500 radio stations, both local and international. A number of features that the app has makes iHeartRadio a strong contender to its competitors, such as TuneIn Radio, Slacker Radio, or Pandora. You can create custom stations, which may be based on either a particular song or an artist that you like.

The coolest thing is that you’ll be able to enjoy your custom stations ad-free. Such a feature as the Discovery Tuner allows users to choose how many mainstream hits or less known music can be included in your station. You may also take advantage of the Skip button that can be used unlimitedly, and this is an unusual feature for streaming platforms.

#7. Apple Music

Apple Music app screenshot

More than 50 million people enjoy music with the help of the Apple Music app. It is one of the most popular music-streaming services and features an impressive number of songs across various genres. The app’s library is huge and can offer you more than 50 million tracks.

At the moment, Spotify might overpower Apple Music in some way, but the app gets improvements all the time, so it wouldn’t come as a surprise if Apple Music becomes a leader in the field of listening experience. After paying Apple a relatively small fee, you’ll be able to stream music as many times as you like on all your Apple devices. The cool thing is that you can also buy a family package so that up to six people will get access to music streaming.

#8. SoundCloud

SoundCloud app screenshot

SoundCloud is a streaming catalog with a great variety of songs, which includes major mainstream artists, garage bands, and even so-called bedroom DJs. The collection of tracks consists of an impressive 200 million songs and counting. A great thing about SoundCloud is that you can listen to music offline.

Creating playlists is easy: you can divide whatever you listen at the moment by genre, artist, or purpose. For example, rock tracks will go into one playlist, audiobooks into another while workout or meditation audio files will be moved to another separate playlist. The app allows you to connect with your friends and share your favorite tracks.

#9. Deezer

Deezer app screenshot

With Deezer and its 56 million tracks, you won’t get bored for sure. You can stream the music you love and enjoy tracks delivered in high quality. Offline mode is a great feature and creating a personalized playlist is also an advantage. It’s possible to share the lyrics on Snapchat but this option is only available for devices with iOS 13 update.

There are filter options, which are displayed under the search bar. For music that you don’t like and wouldn’t want to see in your recommendations, you may use a ban button that is displayed in the form of an angry unhappy face. It’s easy to navigate the app and you can even adjust the sound quality depending on what mood you have at the moment.

#10. BandCamp

BandCamp app screenshot

BandCamp is not so popular as its competitors, but it’s a great app, which can provide a great music listening experience. The interface is minimalist, and you can adjust it according to your preferences. The collection of tracks is reasonably large and the app offers a music feed and allows you to communicate with like-minded people.

Initially, the app was designed to be a premier service for those independent creators who want to sell their music online. Reaching your purchases is very easy: the picture on your phone changes each time you listen to another song, which brings more to the overall listening experience.

#11. SoundHound

SoundHound app screenshot

SoundHound has always been great when it comes to discovering music that is playing around. Besides that, it allows you to play millions of free songs with your voice. The interface is simple and in order to start playing the song you want, all you need to do is just to say “OK Hound… Play.'' After the track is discovered, such details as the artist’s name, song lyrics, and the album title are provided. A cool feature is that SoundHound can work with the Apple Watch, and the identification process of music that’s playing is faster than if you used just your phone. You have access to your music history and you can sync it across all your devices, which we find to be very convenient.

#12. Jango Radio

Jango Radio app screenshot

Jango Radio is cool in terms of being a personalized radio service, which has fewer advertisements in its free version than its top competitors. The skips are unlimited, and that is a great feature for the free app. You can see the list of the stations that feature the song of your choice so that you could tune into the station, which plays the type of songs you like.

Sharing your favorite stations is easy, and it can be done via Facebook or Twitter. The interface of the app is a bit too cluttered with different options, and artist promotion ads are somewhat intrusive. Unlike in many other similar services, there is no opportunity to buy the premium version and remove ads. Yet, good sound quality and various social features make the app a great contender on the crowded market of streaming music services.

#13. ReverbNation Discover

ReverbNation app screesnhot

ReverbNation Discover is an ad-free service, which you can use to listen to hand-picked songs from emerging artists. It’s easy to have a continuous play while exploring the app. It can discover music and put your favorite tracks into playlists. You may mix up several music genres in one playlist, and your music won’t be interrupted by ads.

The skips are unlimited, so you can easily avoid tracks that you don’t like at the moment. The sharing option is also cool and the app lets you send your music choice not only via social networks but via email or even text. Music can be played on a locked screen, which is obviously very convenient in terms of saving the battery life of your smartphone.

#14. Hype Machine

Hype Machine app screenshot

Hype Machine can’t be called a typical discovery app because of its way of introducing new songs and artists. With Hype Machine, you may not only enjoy listening to different tracks but also get access to reading various posts related to music. For a personalized experience, the custom feed can also be created.

If you’re one of those who like to enjoy everything new, the Hype Machine will send you a newsletter with an announcement of the upcoming album. Neat and helpful IU offers customizations, and fine-tuning is easy. It’s good that the app is completely free so you can enjoy your favorite tracks without hesitating whether you should buy a premium or not.

#15. Discovr

Discovr app screenshot

You might haven’t heard of such an app as Discovr, but it’s been here since 2012. It was getting improved continuously over this time, and now it fully deserves to be on our list. All you need to do is to start typing an artist’s name in the search bar, and then you’ll see a map, which shows icons of artists related to the one you looked for, with your searched artist displayed in the center.

Discovr is a visual tool, and the mind-mapping is a cool thing that none of the competitors have. You can tap further and you’ll discover even more artists. Another distinguishing feature is that you can stream tracks from YouTube and you’re encouraged to share your maps with your like-minded friends on Facebook and Twitter.

What’s your pick?

Do you agree with our selection? What is your favorite streaming app, and why you prefer a particular app over others? Music is a big part of our lives, and finding the tunes that suit your lifestyle and your current emotional state can play a great role in your life.

Favorite sounds can calm you down, help you relax, energize, or inspire. They can also get you closer to the people you care about. Share our selection of the best music apps for iOS devices and make your life and the life of your close ones brighter and more fulfilled!