Exciting Games Still Without a Sequel

  • 05-03-2020 |
  • Anna Richardson
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The costs of developing and releasing games are increasing every day. For this reason, successful games often turn into a long series with additions. When we don't see any continuation of the story, it seems to be strange. However, nothing happens without reason. In some cases, the creators just start new projects and forget about the previous. Anyway, let's talk about the best games that lack sequels. 

DmC: Devil May Cry

Devil May Cry gameplay

Dante, who is half-angel half-demon, spends his time sleeping with girls from the bar, drinking and killing the demons in a break. After the chief demon, Mundus decides to get rid of Dante as the last barrier to full domination in the world, the great fight begins. Anti-demon organization The Order, led by the medium girl Kat and Dante's brother, Virgil, unites to free humanity from the evil oppression and to take their revenge on Mundus for the murder of the main characters' parents. 

This game is like a heavy-metal song: loud, rude, and challenging. It even looks like a music video. In a world dominated by pop culture, such things stay alive for a long time.

There's no hope for a sequel, because of a cliffhanger improved through a DLC episode. However, this game is still one of the most splendid among the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 era games. 

Second Sight

Second Sight gameplay

How many games offer you to play for the main character with supernatural psychic abilities? Playing Second Sight, you interact with unusual game mechanics using telekinesis, telepathy, and other extraordinary skills. In this game, you have to think a lot before you do something. However, don't think for a long time. 

The game received numerous awards for its script. The developers did not focus on shooting. The main character has a unique ability — to manipulate opponents into thinking that he is invisible to them. Of course, you can use this skill only for a particular time until the psi-energy scale ends. Your main task is quiet passing and solving puzzles due to the ability to create a projection. The authors themselves proudly called it a tense psychological thriller. 

However, there are some nuances. Cameras shoot you at all levels, and you're always visible for them. It's not a big deal — just break the equipment. For example, you can spoil them with three shots from non-lethal weapons like a tranquilizer. If you see a camera control panel on a level, turn it off. 

Perhaps, the game did not become hugely successful because it was released so close to Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy. These games are similar, but Psi-Ops has a more twisted plot with nonlinear narration. 


Bloodborne gameplay

The world of Yarnama is opening, as in previous FromSoftware works, due to your curiosity, imagination, ability to notice details, analyze and make conclusions. The game itself gives hints through the architecture and intrigues with a few, but important video clips. However, you have to search for the key persistently because no one will give it to you easily.

In Bloodborne, you can reach the end and not notice the moment when your hero ascends to Olympus. Bosses do not leave significant trophies for you. They have the only goal — to prevent you from getting to the clue to the secret that Yharnam keeps. They open the door to understanding what is happening.

Five years have passed since Bloodborne release. Sony and FromSoftware will probably make a sequel, but there is no precise information. I'm sure that director Hidetaka Miyazaki has a glut of terrifying monster designs for the game's creepy universe.  

Sunset Overdrive

Sunset Overdrive poster

The protagonist is a cleaner of the local FizzCo corporation, which holds the government in its fist. The company also influences public opinion through great advertisements full of beautiful words. Although, we already know that not all that glitters is gold.

FizzCo corporation has just unveiled the new Overcharge Delirium XT energy drink and organized a big party to present its new product. While the crowd is having carefree fun  tasting the drink, the main character thinks about how much garbage he has to remove. In a moment, the fun ends, and people at the party turn into creepy creatures with blisters and extra limbs. The disco is over, and the apocalypse came — it's time for a big cleaning.

The company was in a hurry to release a new product and neglected a series of tests. Overcharge Delirium XT turned to be a poisonous potion that turns people into crazy mutants. So grab everything that you can use as a weapon and save your life. 

The game is available for Xbox One and PC, but the sequel is not a priority for Sony, who purchased the original studio outright. 

L.A. Noire 

L.A. Noire gameplay

There is nothing easier than falling under the charm of L.A. Noire. It starts with melancholic jazz. A camera is moving through the post-war Los Angeles, taking some stunning close-ups.

You take your first steps around this world in the role of an enthusiastic tourist. The game carefully leads to the first crime scene. You look around, find a murder weapon, ride to a local weapons shop, and finally conduct the first police interrogation in your noir life. L.A. Noire allows you to go from simple patrolman to a respected detective. Everything starts with domestic crimes gradually moving to the most complex and confusing cases in the city.

Game mechanics includes three-part investigations: collecting and analyzing evidence, talking with witnesses, and interrogating suspects. In the evening, you can drop into the bar and skip a glass of whiskey. 

There is only a small hope to see the sequel of this game. Developer Team Bondi closed in a few months after the release. 

Mutants, Whiskey, Psi-energy

As you see, the games from the list differ from each other so much. Even though the developers have not released sequels for various reasons, you can still try to play them on your computer, PlayStation or Xbox. Save humanity from viruses and mutations, fight demons, or investigate crimes. Comment on what game sequel you would like to see the most. Share this post with your friends to remind them about these good old games and subscribe to our upcoming posts.