TOP-5 Games Where You Can Meet The Real-Life Presidents

  • 20-02-2020 |
  • Anna Richardson
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Three days ago, the date on the calendar was February 17th, which means it’s time to congratulate all Americans with the national holiday — President’s Day! Traditionally, it is celebrated every third Monday of February. Moreover, the day was not chosen by chance: it is the birthday of the first president of America, George Washington. On the occasion of this holiday, our team did not leave you without a gift. We have prepared a list of games in which the American presidents were among the characters. Get ready to smile because some of them are hilarious!

Mercenaries 2 with Barack Obama

Mercenaries 2 game screenshot

Mercenaries 2 is an action-adventure game that was released on August 31, 2008, by electronic Arts. The interesting fact is that at the time of the game’s launch, Barack Obama was not yet a president. So if he would not win the presidential race, it is obvious that Mercenaries 2 would not be on our list. The gameplay focuses on the story of three main characters that are mercenaries. At the beginning of the game, players are required to choose the character they want to play. To progress in the game, you need to successfully complete missions. By the way, Barack Obama’s character is playable but you can assume his role only several times. 

Ready To Rumble 2 with Bill Clinton

Ready To Rumble 2 game screenshot

It looks very strange to add the president to the boxing game, but the developers decided that it is a right decision. What’s more interesting that Clinton is introduced there as a President of the USA and comes from DC, but gamers can choose him to play on the ring. Like any other character, he has weak and strong sides. Want to feel yourself not only the winner of the game but also one of the most powerful men in the world? Ready to Rumble 2 is your chance!

Conduit 2 with Abraham Lincoln and George Washington

Conduit 2 game screenshot

Two presidents of America in one game! Meet George Washington and Abraham Lincoln in a super addictive first-person shooter — Conduit 2. Actually, the presidents only appear at the end of the game, but the last scene was enough to get on our list. Some spoilers: you will see George Washington and Abraham Lincoln wearing the armor and jumping through the portal to help your character. We were really impressed by their appearance and did not expect to see them together.

Call Of Duty: Black Ops with John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon

Call Of Duty: Black Ops game screenshot

Although there are a lot of fans of Call of Duty, not all of them know that in Black Ops, two presidents characters were introduced: John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon. Developed by Treyarch as a first-person shooter, the game was released in the year 2010. As it was 10 years ago, the updates for the game are not very frequent, but it still looks decent compared to the modern games. Call of Duty: Black Ops is available to play on Microsoft Windows, Nintendo DS, Wii, PlayStation 3, OS X, and Xbox 360. 

NBA JAM! (2010) With George W. Bush and Barack Obama

                                     NBA JAM! game screenshot

We are used to seeing politicians in jackets, expensive shoes, ties and speaking at some political congress. But can you imagine George W. Bush or Barack Obama in a basketball uniform in the arena dunking? If your imagination fails, then download faster NBA JAM!  The developers from EA Canada have already done it for you. By the way, in addition to George W. Bush and Barack Obama, you can meet here other equally well-known politicians, such as Joe Biden.

Ready For Fun?

Our last recommendation is to play games with friends to enjoy them the most. Have you already tried something from the list? Did you like it? Maybe you know other popular games with the American presidents? Share them in the comments below.