6 Tips for Learning New Words

  • 03-02-2021 |
  • Anna Richardson
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Learning new words can be tricky, but it is important to keep up with them to help your vocabulary grow. Here are three ideas to help you learn new words.

1. Use different sources to find words, such as a newspaper, fiction, and non-fiction books, articles, and websites.

You can create your dictionary with unknown words. The act of typing or writing a new word will also help to memorize it quickly.

2. Use a dictionary to look up the definition of a word and find synonyms and antonyms.

The definition will give you more ways to use the word in sentences or conversations. It will also help you understand the word more. To know synonyms and antonyms will also broaden your vocabulary.

3. Practice new words in a sentence or two.

There is no better method of memorizing things but make your new knowledge work. If we learn about a new business strategy, implementing it in our business is a great way to learn its toolkit and how it works. With words, it’s all the same. To feel them and fully understand their meaning, we need to see them in real language.

4. Write the new word five times.

Please write down the new words you learn from your reading and writing, then look them up. Look up words you write, then check them for spelling mistakes.

5. Learn a word a day. 

Download a dictionary or a specific app to learn new words every day. The app will send you notifications, so you will not forget about it.

6. Play some games. 

Or watch some movies. You should learn and create an atmosphere where you don’t push yourself to learn more and more but can enjoy the process of learning. Such entertaining ways as playing games or watching films will help you.

Apps to Bigger Your Vocabulary

Since the beginning of time, people were searching for more effective ways to learn languages. It is proven that people who use multimedia to learn languages perform better than those who use only text (Patel, 2007). So here are a few apps to help you in learning new words.


Vocabulary.com is an excellent way to practice vocabulary, and it is an excellent resource for people looking to improve their vocabulary. Vocabulary.com is simple to use, and the lists of words are manageable.

This app is designed with the idea of helping students strengthen their vocabulary. It is also an excellent app for those who are taking on the SAT II vocabulary test. The user can choose the vocabulary words that are difficult for him and then learn the specific word. It does not only help them to learn new vocabulary but also offers a variety of sentences with them that will help them to learn the word.

A Word A Day 

A Word A Day is a simple Android app that delivers one new word to you every day. It has a clean interface that is very easy to navigate. The app also has a daily notification feature that is very useful.

The PowerVocab app is a vocabulary trainer and flashcard app that helps you learn new words and improve your vocabulary. The app provides a new word every day to learn. This helps you to improve your vocabulary gradually with new words. 

The app provides a quiz every day to test yourself on the words that you have learned. It also provides flashcards to help you review words. There are a dictionary and translator. 

The Bottom Line

Learning new words is an essential part of improving your language skills and making yourself smarter. I’ve described a few steps that can be taken to improve your vocabulary. I hope the article was useful for you. If you have already implemented one or two ways of learning words or already use one of these apps, share with us your experience in the comment below!