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  • Publication date: November 3, 2020

Genshin Impact is a 2D fighting game for the Nintendo Entertainment System. In this game, you control a character on a 2D plane and you have to beat the other characters in order to reach the final boss. The game has a total of 5 levels, each with 4 characters.


Once the game has been loaded, you have to choose a character and a stage. The game has a total of 4 different levels, each with 4 different characters. You have to use your character to beat the others. In the game, you can use punches, kicks, and other special attacks to defeat your opponents. The game also uses a health bar which is represented as a skull, and when you lose all of your health, you have to start again from the beginning.


The graphics in this game are very basic. That is because it is a game for the Nintendo Entertainment System. The graphics are very simplistic and there are only a few animations for each character.


Genshin Impact is a game that is relatively easy to beat and does not take much time to beat each level. Therefore, it is not very replayable.


Genshin Impact is a game that has basic graphics and lacks replayability. It is not a very good game because it is short, not very replayable, and it is relatively easy. The only positive this game has is that it has a variety of characters to use.


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Anna Richardson


  • Characters start with full health;
  • The game has a variety of characters to use;
  • The game has simple graphics;


  • The game is relatively easy;
  • The game is short;
  • The game has only 4 levels;
  • The game lacks replayability;

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