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  • Rating: 2.3
  • Number of voters: 2.3
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
  • Size: 57 MB
  • Version: 3.3.0
  • Author: TeamSpeak Systems Inc
  • Content Rating: You must be at least 17 years old to download this app.
  • Languages: English, German, Russian, Spanish

TeamSpeak is the application designed for audio communication and available on several platforms: Linux, macOS, Microsoft Windows, iOS, FreeBSD (Server Only/no Client), and Android. Users can join the chat channels and safely speak with friends.

Product with 18 years of history

TeamSpeak software was released eighteen years ago by TeamSpeak Systems GmbH. But the stable third version was only launched in August 2011, although it has been in development since 2004. The main focused audience of the application is gamers who commonly use TeamSpeak 3 to communicate with other players while passing the multiplayer video game.

The app is based on voice-over-Internet protocol, and it is not free software. In order to install TeamSpeak 3, you should first purchase it. The price varies according to a platform. The app uses a simple and minimalistic interface; therefore, it is very easy to navigate, create groups, joins channels, and do other things. For now, TeamSpeak 3 is number 5 in the Social Networking category on Apple Store.

TeamSpeak 3: more incredible solutions to solve the routine problems

TeamSpeak 3 is very different from previous versions and contains many upgrades. With them, the target audience of the platform expanded significantly. But, in spite of this, gamers are remaining the most important and weighty part of TeamSpeak’s 3 users. Therefore, the third version came with the integrated solution in the MMO game Vendetta Online. Besides this integration, TeamSpeak 3:

  • Has no ads and spam (the application is not free for installing and downloading);
  • Light-weight;
  • Uses excellent control mechanism;
  • Has the Offline/LAN functionality;
  • Can be launched on local and public servers;
  • Sync across devices and platforms;
  • Can be activated through the voice and Push-To-Talk feature;
  • Can send the notifications, etc.

TeamSpeak 3 can be used anonymously. Once you first join the platform, TeamSpeak 3 randomly generates a unique ID that is not visible to other users. Based on it, the server knows which permissions you can be granted. Unique ID and unique name are all that you need to enter before joining the channel. TeamSpeak 3 is a very light-weight application that has minimal CPU usage. Due to its update mechanism, the application updates only those files that need to be updated between releases. As a result, it has less bandwidth and faster installation.

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Lucas Thompson


  • Available on several platforms;
  • High-quality audio;
  • Has a lot of incredible features;
  • Updates on a regular basis;
  • Can be used anonymously


  • Not free;
  • Has a low rating on Apple Store

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